QuokkaJoy supports "Save the Quokkas" Campaign

Do you know the happiest animal in the world, Quokka? Look at this adorable smile!
Quokka is a small marsupial located in south-west Western Australia. Carrying babies in mother’s pouch, they are bonded by sharing body warmth and intimate care.

At QuokkaJoy, our values are built on the traits of the Quokka.
We believe that “Joy & Happiness” are the essential ingredients to the healthy development of your child. This belief led us to incorporate these ingredients as our design pillars for all the products we make. 
In connection of our belief, we, QuokkaJoy stand up and support “Save the Quokkas” campaign by monthly donation fund with additional giving of US$2.00 per every QuokkaJoy baby carrier sales through WWF(World Wildlife Fund), which has a mission with urgent global action to stop vast numbers of wild animals being hunted out of existence and habitats from being destroyed for over 50 years.

Don’t you like to continue seeing Quokka’s lovely, heart-melting smile? Please join the campaign at

Sve the QUOKKA