QuoPro baby carrier is launched

QuokkaJoy is pleased to announce that QuoPro baby carrier is launched in two different colors as Multicam and Multicam Black. 
• Patente pending QuoPro 3D Ergonomic Lumbar Support carrying system for extra comfort for parent
• Ergonomic Design to provide extra comfort and support for parent's back and baby
• Designed to use for Min. 10lbs(4.5kg) to Max. 45lbs(20kg) size of baby 
• Genuine, durable genuine Multicam NYCO Ripstop fabric with breathable mesh inner fabric
• Adjustable sleeping hood made with comfortable breathing fabric
• Multi function pockets 
• Front Carry (Facing In Position) only
• Molle system (Multicam color only).
It’s available at our distributor, Silent Professional Int’l Inc. Try our amazing tacticool baby carrier with multi function for easy use and extra comfort.

News_20150420_ QKK_ launching MC4News_20150420_ QKK_ launching MCBK4