Brand Story

Hopping along South-Western Australia with a bright smile and a plush nurturing pouch,
the Quokka is known to the world as the happiest animal alive.
Carrying babies in mother’s pouch, they are bonded by sharing body warmth and intimate care.
At Quokkajoy, our values are built on the traits of the Quokka.
We believe that “Joy & Happiness” are the essential ingredients to the healthy development of your child.
This belief led us to incorporate these ingredients as our design pillars for all the products we make. 
With the elements and values of
“Feel Touch”, “Feel Support” and “Feel Comfort” in mind,
we have created our unique patented "Quo Pro 3D” lumbar support system.
Our system incorporates a unique lumbar support pad to help support your back with consistent comfort and
give pleasure to both parents and children.
Our products are made with the highest quality materials which provides a plush,
comfortable environment for your child while maintaining the up most safety and rigor of everyday use.
At Quokkajoy, our love and passion seep into every product we make. You will feel the joy and happiness with every Quokkajoy product you use.